About My Photography

Igot my first real camera in 1973 and have been thinking about photography more or less continuously ever since. This means I learned it the hard way: standing in a darkroom with my hands in the developer. I’ve taught myself pretty well everything I know from the basics of exposure to curves adjustment layers in Photoshop. I spent a number of years in the commercial photography business, learning the basics of colour printing. The implications for digital printing are immediate. Colour balancing an image using Adobe Camera Raw was a natural evolutionary step.

Selfie I’ll admit that I resisted digital at first because it seemed unnatural. But it was obvious which way the world was moving. Beloved films were disappearing every day. But when you take the time to compare digital to analogue approaches to photography, there are more similarities than you might think. And of course, the principles are the same. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re exposing gelatin silver film or a digital sensor, the physics of light remain the same.

There are things you can do with film that you can’t do with digital. And vice versa. It’s all good. I’m exploring the interface of digital and analogue by making digital negatives and printing them using the gum bichromate process which was one of the earliest processes from the late 1800’s. It’s all good.

I live in Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, and work in a variety of formats from 35mm and 4×5 analogue film formats to digital capture. I still maintain a wet darkroom for gelatin silver black and white images and don’t expect to ever make a digital black and white image. The ghost of Ansel Adams still whispers in my ear – what I call the tyranny of Ansel – so I spent much of the last ten years unlearning his lessons, trying to move in the opposite direction. Now I’m interested in abstract colour images which may or may not be in focus. It’s the images that matter, not the technology used to complete them.

On this, Ansel would agree.  Please contact me for more information about purchasing prints.

Group Shows and Exhibitions

  • 2012 Sooke Fine Arts Show
  • 2012 Sidney Fine Arts Show
  • ‘Low Fidelity’ at Luz Gallery, Victoria, BC
  • ‘Look Victoria’ Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria (3rd Prize)

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