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I believe that photographs were meant to hang on your wall, not be lost, buried and forgotten on the tiny screen of your mobile phone. Nowadays, when everyone with a phone is a photographer, people have forgotten what it was like to actually hang a genuine original piece of art. It’s fun to look at snapshots on your phone or tablet, but photographic prints offer a tactile way to actually live with art. Every time you look at a printed image, you’ll discover small details you never noticed last time.

A wall is a terrible thing to waste.

Nothing bothers me more than walking into someone’s living room or office and seeing a big, blank space just crying out to be filled with art. Actually, there is one thing worse: seeing they’ve put up some horrid, mass-produced-in-China print of a rainy street scene in Paris. Or big cut-out letters that spell “Dream”. Or a cheap poster mounted on black particle board. You’ve seen them. You may even have been tempted in Urban Barn or Wal-Mart to buy such a thing yourself. Please don’t do that. Let me help instead. I have an easy way for you to hang and enjoy original photographic art in your home or office. Please look at my photography portfolio and learn a bit about each image. Which one will look best on your empty wall?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use this form to contact me for pricing and further information.

I did. From start to finish. Unlike some photographers on the web who sell their images through commercial printers, I am in control of every aspect of the production of your print. Black and white images are printed from film negatives in the traditional way on gelatin silver papers in a wet darkroom. There’s a beautiful sparkle and texture to silver prints. Colour images are processed from digital ‘negatives’ (RAW capture) in PhotoShop and then printed on archival papers (my current favourite is Hahnemuhle Photo Rag) on an Epson 3880 printer. It’s K3 inks are the industry standard.
No. What I will ship to you is an unframed, unmatted print. I would love to be able to sell you framed prints because I can frame them quite cheaply and pass the savings on to you. However, the main problem is shipping a print which is framed behind glass. It would likely be shattered upon arrival. If you live near Victoria, BC and would like to arrange a personal pick-up or delivery, I’d be happy to matte and frame it for you at an additional, but very reasonable cost. Contact me for details.
Yes. I know it’s a bit scary buying a photograph over the Internet without actually seeing the physical print. If you find that it’s not all you had hoped it would be, then you can return it for a full refund as long as it’s in new condition and within six weeks of purchase. Also, I promise to replace at no cost any print which is damaged during shipping to you.
I use Canada Post as my primary shipping method. Other arrangements can be made but additional charges may apply.

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