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I believe that photographs were meant to hang on your wall, not be lost, buried and forgotten on the tiny screen of your mobile phone. Nowadays, when everyone with a phone is a photographer, people have forgotten what it was like to actually hang a genuine original piece of art. It’s fun to look at snapshots on your phone or tablet, but photographic prints offer a tactile way to actually live with art. Every time you look at a printed image, you’ll discover small details you never noticed last time.

A wall is a terrible thing to waste.

Nothing bothers me more than walking into someone’s living room or office and seeing a big, blank space just crying out to be filled with art. Actually, there is one thing worse: seeing they’ve put up some horrid, mass-produced-in-China print of a rainy street scene in Paris. Or big cut-out letters that spell “Dream”. Or a cheap poster mounted on black particle board. You’ve seen them. You may even have been tempted in Urban Barn or Wal-Mart to buy such a thing yourself. Please don’t do that. Let me help instead. I have an easy way for you to hang and enjoy original photographic art in your home or office. Please look at my photography portfolio and learn a bit about each image. Which one will look best on your empty wall?

Frequently Asked Questions

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